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Specialists in DSTV dish Installation. Service providers to complexes, security estates, apartment blocks, gated communities and other residential suburbs/ parks. Call the Multichoice Top Notch East Rand DStv accredited Installer services now! The trusted team for all your East Rand DSTV Installations. Call us on 071-907-6625 we are on call 24/7 to give you a hassle free and professional service that will meet your needs and expectations. Speak to us today!

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Multichoice services in East Rand Area Call 071-907-6625 & Get the Best DStv has to Offer!

For top class services call DSTV-Gauteng East Rand DSTV installation service provider. We are an accredited DSTV, FIBRE and CCTV Installation Company for all your DSTV installation requirements. Speak to us for dish re-locations from one home to the other, satellite installations in gated communities and security complexes, decoder upgrades, Dstv relocations, New Installations, Signal Repairs, Fibre Fusion/ Splicing, Wifi Extenders, Networking, Explora/Ultra, DStv Extraview, Trippleview, HDMI distribution/Splitters, Smart TV wall mounting, Lnb, Extra-Points, Soundbar wall mounting, Dstv Communal Setup, Fibre GTU, and CCTV.

Some of the suburbs in the East Rand we cover are- Alphen Park, Dewalt Hattingh Park, Ebotse Golf Estate, Norton Home Estate, Norton Park, Boatlake Village and more.

DStv Communal Setup

Fibre to DStv Dish East Rand
Fibre to DStv Dish /IS20 Satellite Communal Dish

It is ideal for properties. Having a communal satellite dish means you can have one satellite dish for as many apartments or rooms a customer might have. To sum it up, this will keep your property looking good. Without the clutter of satellite dishes, your property increases the value.

East Rand DStv Installation Services

Fast and Reliable Fibre Wifi Internet

Mesh WiFi System in East Rand

Tired of slow internet in some areas or rooms in your house? Look no further! With Top Notch Electronics Networkings Systems, you can eliminate all the WiFi Deadspots and extend the network coverage areas. Top Notch Technical teams delivers superfast installation and an even faster connection! Our goal is to provide a comprehensive digital utility to every home and business.

Our Dedication

DStv work doesn’t come easy. Since 2017, our years experience working with Digital TV products, Aerials & Satellite equipment means we are able to work fast, offer great advice and keep costs low. Our technicians work tirelessly around East Rand and with several teams on the road. We always aim to offer a same-day basic install and will get you up and running in no time. Whatever your requirements might be. Call us and we’ll conveniently allocate a team of installers near you, who will be happy to assist you the best way we can.

We adhere to the highest standards of operations and we are dedicated towards providing East Rand, Gauteng residents with the best DSTV Dish Installation and CCTV Camera Installation service at the best price. Need us to handle your task immediately, or you wish to schedule to a later date? Give us a call and our specialist DSTV installers will find the most convenient solution for your needs.

Multichoice DStv Accredited Installer East Rand has the lowest comeback rate in the industry because our DStv technician in the East Rand don’t take Short-Cuts! Rest assured! We will fix it! With Top Notch Electronics you can rest assured of a quality guaranteed service – thereby saving you money and time on the longer run.

East Rand DStv Installers Repair & Upgrades

DStv Extraview, Trippleview

East Rand DStv Accredited
Top Notch Brings you Xtraview and trippleview installation in the East Rand

We offer DStv Third View Installation in the East Rand. Unlike extraview. Trippleview comes with family in mind enabling you to watch three separate Dstv channels in three separate rooms at the same time. You will be paying all two, or three decoders under one subscription. This is the ideal set up. Now kids can watch their animation and cartoon series independently.

Why Use Our Services?

Whether it is a new dish installation, Relocation or a repair or alignment to your current dish. By choosing DSTV installations in East Rand and Surrounding Areas services you can be assured of a quality guaranteed service – thereby saving you money and time on the longer run. We’ll work around your times most convenient to you. Early mornings, lunch times, or after work we can accommodate. With our speedy, hassle free installations you’ll have your services installed or resolved no time at all!

Due to our vast knowledge and wealth of experience, we have understood that in business, relationships are far more significant than a transaction for services rendered. Since we treat all of our customers equal regardless of racial, religious, or social standing, we operate on a first-come, first-served basis, and most importantly, we offer same-day fast and reliable installation for all your home automation needs. When carrying out installations our installers leave your cabling tidy and neat or use cable trunking to conceal cables.

  • Trained and professional Technicians.
  • Our team is time conscious and friendly.
  • We offer the best rates.
  • We supply and use top-quality materials, backed by warranties.
  • Same day installation Services.
  • We follow our strict safety procedure.
  • OUTsuarance Public Liablity Cover.
  • Our work is done neatly and tidy/Cables straightened or covered in trunking.
  • Our technician will leave the site clean.