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Leaders in DSTV dish Installation. Service providers to security estates, apartment blocks, gated communities and independent housing. Call the Multichoice Top Notch Bronkhorstspruit accredited Installer services now! The trusted team for all your DStv Bronkhorstspruit Multichoice Accredited Installers. Call us on 071-907-6625 we are on call 24/7 to give you a hassle free and professional service that will meet your needs and expectations. Speak to us today!

DStv Installers Bronkhorstspruit
DStv Installations & Repairs Bronkhorstspruit & Surrounding Areas. Call 071-907-6625 Now! And Enjoy the Best DStv has to Offer!

DSTV Installations Bronkhorstspruit, Top Notch Electronics is an accredited DSTV, CCTV, FIBRE Optics installation and repairs company. We are proud to hold a reputation for providing excellent service. Fast turnaround times. Competitive pricing across the industry. Expertise and employ the most qualified DSTV Accredited installers Bronkhorstspruit, using Multichoice and Ellies approved – standard methods and equipment. Our services range from relocations, new satellite Installations, signal repairs, fibre fusion/ splicing, wifi extenders, networking, explora/ultra, dstv extraview, trippleview, HDMI distribution/splitters, smart TV+projector mounting, LNB, extra-points, soundbar wall mounting, dstv communal, fibre gtu and dstv over fibre termination unit, CCTV. Get the service you deserve with Bronkhorstspruit DSTV Installations – we are here for you.

DStv Communal Setup

DStv over Fibre Satellite Communal Dish
DStv Over Fibre Satellite Communal Dish

It is ideal for properties. Having a communal satellite dish means you can have one satellite dish for as many apartments or rooms a customer might have. To sum it up, this will keep your property looking good. Without the clutter of satellite dishes, your property increases the value.

We adhere to the highest standards of operations and we are dedicated towards providing Bronkhorstspruit residents with the best DSTV Dish Installation and CCTV Camera Installation service at the best price. Whether you need us to handle your task immediately or you wish to schedule it to a later date, just give us a call and our specialized DSTV Bronkhorstspruit installers will find the most convenient solution for your needs.

Our professional technicians are also equipped with expertise to also assist you with setup of PlayStation. Apple TV Box. Android TV Box. Xbox. Blu-ray Player. DVD Player. Smart TV Netflix Configuration. HDMI extensions. etc.

Our Dedication

DStv Installations Bronkhorstspruit has the lowest call-back rate in the industry because we don’t take Short-Cuts! With Top Notch Electronics you can rest assured of a quality guaranteed service – thereby saving you money and time in the longer run.

We work around the schedule that is convenient for you. Whether early mornings, lunch times, or after work we can accommodate. With our speedy, hassle free installations you’ll have your services installed or resolved in no time at all! In addition, we employ only the most qualified DStv Multichoice Accredited Installer Bronkhorstspruit Technicians to do Multichoice Bronkhorstspruit Installations. Whether it is a brand new DStv dish installation, a simple repair, or dish alignment to your current DStv installation. We always keep stock of installation and repairs accessories so that our technicians are always be fully equipped for your job.

  • Trained and professional Technicians.
  • Prompt response to respective site.
  • We offer the best rates.
  • We supply and use top-quality materials, backed by warranties.
  • Same day installation Services.
  • We follow our strict safety procedure.
  • Our work is done neatly and tidy/Cables straightened or covered in trunking.
  • Our technician will leave the site clean.

DStv Installers Repair & Upgrades

DStv Extraview, Trippleview

Top Notch Brings you extraview and trippleview installation in Bronkhorstspruit.

Why Choose Our Services?

We pride ourselves on providing a ‘Professional Efficient Service’ and we strive to offer competitive rates whilst providing a quality customer-focused service from the minute you call our company through to job completion.

Due to our vast knowledge and wealth of experience, we have understood that in business, relationships are far more significant than a transaction for services rendered. Since we treat all of our customers equal regardless of racial, religious, or social standing, we operate on a first-come, first-served basis, and most importantly, we offer same-day fast and reliable installation for all your home automation needs. When carrying out installations our installers leave your cabling tidy and neat or use cable trunking to conceal cables.

Furthermore, our team is time conscious, knowledgeable and will try by all means to give you an ultimate viewing experience that is next to none. Call our approved 071-907-6625 Multichoice Installer Bronkhorstspruit for rapid response and we will find the best solution to suit your needs and your budget. We only leave your premises when you’re 100% satisfied with our work. Nationwide, we offer the best rates. Our technicians have PPE For your safety and theirs.

Everything to know about the DStv Explora/Ultra

DStv Explora

DStv Extraview, Trippleview

DStv accredited Installers in Bronkhorstspruit.

DStv Extraview
Top Notch Brings you Extraview and trippleview installation in Bronkhorstspruit. DStv accredited Installers in Bronkhorstspruit

We offer DStv Third View Installation in Bronkhorstspruit. Unlike Extraview. Trippleview comes with family in mind. It allows you to watch three separate Dstv channels in three separate rooms at the same time, above all, you will be paying all two, or three decoders under one subscription. This is the ideal set up. Now kids can watch their animation and cartoon series independently.